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Our Credo

The people in the company are our focus. We like challenges and working with people. Together with our customers, we shape the future of the company and release their potential.

Adaptable organisations are increasingly seeking to involve their employees, redesign their organisation and align themselves more effectively in a dynamic market environment.

Support for modern and attractive organisation

Market dynamics, technological advances and cross-company cooperation require an adaptation of the classical organization of a company.

We show you how to align your organization efficiently and newly to the new conditions without neglecting the clarity of responsibilities.

In particular, control and management in companies must be filled out in a more targeted manner. Modern management supports the potential of companies and attracts new talents.

We create a common understanding of successful leadership and establish a new leadership culture together.

The organization and management are facing fast-moving adjustments and new challenges in a complex world. Successful change also involves cultural change and new ways of thinking. For those who ignore the cultural aspects run the risk of only addressing the symptoms.

We assist you in change and show you new (thinking) techniques so that you can design the changes sustainably and successfully.

Short-term goals, adherence to strategy and keeping operations running are often the main focus. Increasing competitive pressure forces you to structure your processes and scale your business model, but also to be more agile and courageous.

We support you in shaping your business development in accordance with your current strategy, structure and culture. In this we ensure that you find the right balance between standardized processes and fast responsiveness.

What you can achieve with us.

open and flexible organization for more efficiency and innovation.

acting proactively in dynamic markets - one step ahead of the competitors!

economic advantages through successful leadership & collaboration.

satisfied employees - employee branding as an attractive employer. This is how talents find their way to you.

our approach

For a successful transformation and change management, we firmly believe in a personal, honest and direct cooperation and pursue our PEOPLe-CIRCLE. Only through active listening can we achieve an understanding of your problems, the organisation and the structures.  As a result we are able to provide you real and sustainable support.


Each honest collaboration begins with listening and asking the right questions. We listen to you intensively and learn more about your true objectives and reasons.


Not until we understand you and can assess the particular situation of your company we are able to achieve the best possible results.

custom tailoring

Individual and unique - like your company - we develop solutions and approaches.  You are involved and get a tailor-made suit.


We do not only work out the approach, but also walk the talk together with you. Even we recommend that all changes should be implemented by yourself, it is good to have a trusted partner at your side.


your concerns

"With our current resources on board, we can't get any further. We need other impulses."

Our answer

Achieve more effectiveness
your concerns
"For a successful future we need new ideas."

Our answer

create free capacities
your concerns
"Each department thinks only of itself. There is too much silo thinking. But we should all pull together."

Our answer

foster collaboration
your concerns
"The organization is overloaded with projects, the employees are frustrated. We're missing the overview."

Our answer

Dynamically implement changes
your concerns
"The employees are dissatisfied. The performance suffers as a result. We have to motivate them again."

Unsere Antwort

Inspire with leadership
your concerns
"We are increasingly overburdened by the ever-increasing regulatory requirements."

Our answer

Efficient implementation of regulatory requirements
your concerns

our mission

Our mission is to transform your company into a learning organization, individually and tailor-made. We show you how to respond to the challenge of dynamic markets by using flexible and open structures.

You will be able to exploit untapped potential, align your value chain efficiently and aligned with the market and pave the way for innovations. Both employees and the company are prepared for unexpected surprises.

In the process, we guide you as flexibly and personally along the course of change as is best for you.

Anke und MIke

tailored to you.

We will give you an open and honest view of your current situation. – before you invest in expensive stand-alone solutions. We do not offer ready-made concepts, but first we create an overall picture of your company. This allows us to address specific measures and individual topics in a targeted, flexible and, in most cases, sustainable manner.

After all, what are your benefits of well-intentioned solutions if they do not fit together in an integrated way and just do not work for you?

Get to know us.

This individual workshop (mainly conducted online) is completely free for you and takes about 45 minutes. It gives you the opportunity to get to know us and our point of view. In addition, you will leave our workshop with first, ready-to-use practical solutions for your specific issue.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

A bit about us

Business – People – Companion is not just a management consultancy. We do not rely on standard procedures or slide shows, but on personality and individuality. Our goal is to grasp the root of the problem. In doing so, we critically question the initial situation and tailor an individual concept. Straightforwardness and authenticity are primary charcateristics for us.

We focus on people. We do not shun any challenges and love working with people. Together with you, we shape the future of your company and release your unrecognised potential.

We are not expert in all methods, but what we do – that we do really well: understanding your problem, grasp the root of this problem and identify unkonwn connections or dependencies. This clarity and openness helps us finding suitable solutions for you.

Where required, we work closely together with our specialized partners.

We are pleased to meet you.

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Ihr kostenloser Workshop!

Wir brauchen nur noch ein paar Angaben von Ihnen, um Ihren individuellen Workshop  zu vereinbaren.

Your workshop for free!

We only require a few details from you to organise your customised workshop.

Wie können wir Ihnen helfen?

Corona virus has created facts and clearly shown us our vulnerability once again.

Much of what was taken for granted before is currently not helpful or not possible anymore. Changed cooperation, new processes and communication had to be established.

No other booster has brought such dynamics into our lives in the last decades. Now the time has come to leave the state of shock behind us and to look further ahead.

In our opinion it is the wrong way to return to the old structures. Things will (have to) permanently change fundamentally.

We support you in making your company adaptable so that you are well prepared for future dynamic challenges.

Make an appointment with us now.

Stay healthy and enjoy the future more than the past.

Anke & Mike