Our approach

The environment is changing so fast that the organization has to be flexible without being hasty. Complexity cannot be mastered through planning. The future leader quickly offers solutions to new problems and constantly adapts to new demands – without losing his focus. This requires effective framework parameters instead of universal best practices.

From our point of view, today’s challenges mean that employees have to be involved much more in the company. We recognize that only people can respond adequately and purposefully to rapid, unforeseen occurrences in the world economy. In addition, the company’s potential must be activated.

Business – People – Companion has set out to put people back at the centre of the professional world. All organizational and structural adjustments always have an effect on the employees. The employees form the company – and thus also its success.

To be successful in the market means to involve the employees individually and with their strengths.

From our point of view, listening and understanding are therefore the success factors for sustainable companies.

our approach - PEOPLe-CIRCLE

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The first and most important part of our work is getting to know you. We want to get to know you and your organization. The focus is entirely on you and your problem – creating a foundation of trust.

With a certain curiosity and naivety we explore the current situation. The focus of our work lies on the people in your company. Listening to you with attention is our area of expertise. Because the key to success is already dormant in your company.

This first phase can take place in individual interviews, team interviews, workshops or similar formats. In doing so, both empathizing and the change of perspective are very important for us.

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The aim of this phase is to create a deeper understanding of your problem. Only those who have understood you and your problem properly are able to show you real answers.

Through critical questioning, a certain degree of naivety and a change of perspective, we achieve an understanding of your business model and your value streams. Which approaches serve your business value streams, which lead to irritation and inefficiency? In this phase it is important to understand and analyse the “why”.

Let’s find out together.

#coaching #one2ones #workshops #interviews

We refuse to roll out blunt standard methods 1:1 throughout the company. Because this only leads to average results and not to successful and sustainable organisations. Individuality and diversity, not uniformity, are the basis for success.

Business – People – Companion put together a tailor-made concept for you that enables you to concentrate on your value streams and deal with complex, dynamic situations. It does not always have to be time-consuming and costly to make a difference. But what does that mean? We put together an individual, end-to-end concept for you, which may consist of different tools, methods as well as traditional practices and established structures.

Our goal is to propose appropriate tools and thinking patterns that can be used step by step at your pace. The employees are involved as co-designers at any time.

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Business – People – Companion accompanies you as a sparring partner & shaper. You will be amazed how much the strengthening of human relationships can affect your success. Through impulses, the creation of awakening moments and of willingness to experiment, we support you in every situation.

With us, you can rely on a strong partner at your side who will accompany you through the individual phases of deployment. It is also important to tolerate mistakes, make corrections and have the goal clearly in mind. However, we cannot and do not want to be experts in all areas. Therefore we include – if it makes sense and is desired – our strong partners for your implementation.

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We reached our goal!

We have accomplished our mission when we solved the problems in the company in a progressive manner. From our point of view, this means that cooperation with shared goals and honest relationships has become a matter of routine. Employees feel involved and committed again. The common communication and the development of the best solutions are now achievable. Dynamic change is no longer a cause for concern, but a source of satisfaction and motivation for shaping the future.

Effective organization

Your organization has gained the ability to respond quickly and effectively to market needs. You have identified and successfully addressed the drivers that prevent your organization from evolving successfully. With meaningful set of tools, you have gained the confidence to remain flexible in the future.

Satisfied employees

New leadership strategies and emotional intelligence turn your employees into co-designers. Your employees will again identify themselves with your company and will be able to successfully and profitably contribute their individual strengths to the company.

Sustainable alignment

By concentrating on your key value streams, you free up space for new ideas. By avoiding waste and by implementing your projects more efficiently and goal-oriented, you have time to focus innovatively on your future. The entire organization has learned to align itself with the corporate goal.

Efficient regulatory approach

Your company has learned to implement regulations only to the extent that they are relevant to you. As a result, the daily load as well as the documentation and control effort is considerably reduced and implemented sensibly. With the new compliance, you get the steering wheel back.