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In the pressure of issues and deadlines, you have no time for shaping the future, modern leadership and menschlichkeit. The topics of digitalisation, technical progress or the new world of work are challenging for your organisation and in addition to day-to-day business difficult to transfer to your company. Your current internal processes and structures cannot sufficiently satisfy market and customer requirements. Speed and complexity seem to overrun you. Projects are rarely completed successfully or do not achieve the required added value for your company.

You see the radical change in your industry and are looking for solutions for your company?

Why we believe in you.

We are convinced that there are still untapped skills in every company. In particular, a new way of working as a team and the thoughts of employees can be crucial. Therefore it is important to us to fully understand your company and your challenges and to tackle the underlying causes. With our approach model, we achieve a deeper understanding of the problem by working jointly. We check your value streams and identify blockades. This enables us to offer you a tailor-made solution.

"We help you to make your company fit for the future by activating your capabilities, focusing on your value chain, setting the right impulses and opening the way for innovation".

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What do you want to achieve?

Many customers recognize themselves in the subsequent situations and are looking for new approaches. We provide concrete and individual support.

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Achieve more effectiveness

A little gesture with an impact.

Concepts that have worked well so far no longer seem to work. But what is the reason? What makes you and your company unique? Often well designed concepts and strategies lose their strength due to unexpected, yet important marginal issues. As a result, your goals are often blurred and you get bogged down. The sharpening of focus is lost.

We work with you to analyse the real value chains of your company. We identify the essential structures and processes that support your value chain and show you the structural elements that hinder your value chains. Together with you, we turn your company into a value-added oriented business model. With us you strengthen your entrepreneurship and are able to focus on your business as well.

Creating room for improvement - enabling innovation

The speed of change is constantly increasing. You are always running behind instead of in front. A core element of today’s successful companies is dealing with dynamic change. Changes are handled with enormous speed. The companies easily adapt to the altered market requirements. They capture customer wishes directly and convert them into their products or services. This is not a matter of perfect implementation, but first and foremost of understanding customer expectations and finding a joint solution that can be quickly placed on the market and tried out if necessary. The customer wants to be treated seriously and individually. Historically grown structures and organizations are often slow and lazy in their drive. This requires the creation of the necessary freedom to promote creativity. Because only the people in the company can react to these unexpected events adequately.

We give you the overview you need to see new connections and be able to respond more dynamically to market requirements. We accompany you on your way to a lively and communicative organisation that implements changes successfully and goal-oriented. For this in mind, we analyse with you the structures, communication and decision paths and identify measures for more flexibility and resilience in order to be able to react successfully to unforeseen events.

However, it does not always have to be a complete reorientation, even small adjustment elements can have a big impact. The routine tasks in a change management are also part of it. We will be pleased to help you structure the new or deadlocked project in a meaningful way, select suitable teams and implement the project in a goal-oriented manner. In addition, we are happy to analyze the current project portfolio for consistency with your goals and regulatory requirements. We help you to gain an overview of the individual topics again and suggest adjustments in order to generate synergy effects of the various subjects to an added value in the company and to successfully activate your company capabilities. We bring extensive expertise in various topics, such as data migration, IT compliance, IT audits, mergers, carve-outs, etc. and have already successfully managed various project types (agile, classic and hybrid).

A Dungbeetle finds its way also in the wide savannah.

Dynamically implement changes

The earth trembles when a herd of buffalo begins its dynamic journey to new places.

Projects and constantly larger and smaller changes are already daily business today and place an excessive burden on your organization. Mostly, however, the results are unsatisfactory and not motivating. More and more in shorter and shorter time leads to frustration and increased risks. It is time to rethink and experience a change approach. You have realized this but don’t know how to approach it? You are not seeking a consulting firm that presents you a ready concept?

We analyze your current project portfolio and redraw your big picture. We will show you ways out of the project chaos by restructuring your previous procedures. The focus must be on sustainable projects with a comprehensive view of your strategy. All changes must be aligned to the value chains of your company. We help you to reduce your costs and save time. Your employees will also be relieved of the overload and can bring their talents back to you. With us you get an overview again, see new dependencies and are able to respond more efficiently to market requirements.

Inspire with leadership

In Germany, poor management results in annual costs of up to € 100 billion. The world of work screams for good leadership, but what is it? A dramatic increase in knowledge, digitalisation, demographic change and globalisation are challenging companies. VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) is the acronym for the consequences of these trends. Many organizations are meeting these challenges by changing their work structures and changing the way they do their jobs. In this context, managers play a key role. The traditional leadership methods are no longer successful and sufficient for dynamic transition. The Emotional Loyalty of employees can only be achieved by new leadership. Leadership is turning more and more into the design of communication, new cooperation and the creation of free space for experts. With encouraging leadership you will achieve demonstrable economic advantages. Self-empowerment is a goal of the new leadership. Managers provide the framework and support the experts in their decisions and their implementation. It is essential to achieve a well-coordinated cooperation. In addition both the executives and the employees are to be enabled.

Every change is supported by the people. Success results out of the sum of the individual employees who are satisfied and motivated to pursue a common goal. Turnover and profit cannot be ordered and desired, but it is the result of an extraordinary team performance and the balanced cooperation of all. Enthusiasm, innovation, team spirit and creativity create new things in a team.

The fast pace of today’s business world requires just as fast and active action – in the interest of the company. We want to empower and accompany the organization and the employees. We support you in finding the right concept for your company and establishing it step by step. This can happen for the entire company but also for individual areas / departments. We support the management in setting the course for a new leadership understanding. Through systematic coaching and teamwork we help the executives – but also the employees.

A monkey on a tree - in a thoughtful posture. What is he thinking about?

Promoting collaboration - releasing potential

Elefanten am Wasserloch
Elephants at a waterhole. Together they feel safe and trust each other.

Knowledge sharing and collaborative solution finding are the basis for quick answers.  Today’s tasks require interdisciplinary cooperation at all hierarchical levels. The boundaries of structures in companies have to be breached more and more repeatedly in order to be able to act dynamically and successfully on the market and on behalf of customers. These new requirements are prevented by Silodenken. Companies and the world of work are no longer rigid entities. The dynamics of the market and the competition are so fast that future thinking and evolution are important components of a new corporate DNA. Just like an organism reacts to internal and external stimuli, a company must also learn to act dynamically. That is why the interaction of all employees at all levels is decisive.

Learn with us why it is so important for your company to break out of the patterns of silo thinking and rigid hierarchies. We help to identify the obstacles. We promote integrated cooperation and show you how much potential is waiting to be released in your company. We assist you in the process of step-by-step adjustments in your daily work. We activate the team’ s self-healing strengths. We help your employees so that their concerns and fears are not ignored and their wishes and ideas do not remain unheard.

We support you in using your talents efficiently and being more successful economically. Systemic barriers are recognized and new approaches initiated. Through a new culture of communication and collaboration, you will not only achieve a viable organisation but will also increase your attractiveness as an employer.

Efficient implementation of regulatory requirements

Regulatory requirements and laws continue to rise. As soon as one requirement is implemented, the next is being violated. Your company is overrun by the respective requirements. In addition, there are constant auditing by internal and external auditors. Here, you also only react to the implementation of the audit findings. These very specific audits and the time pressure that arises in the completion of the monites lead to the processes being needlessly inflated, rows of documentations being created or meaningless controls being implemented. Many of the findings and their alleged solutions are the result of misunderstandings between the auditor and the audited department.

Learn with us how to efficiently implement regulatory issues. The nuanced examination of the requirements as well as a culture of constructive reflection are essential. We prepare you and your employees for upcoming audits and explain the ” audit language ” to you.  To illustrate this, we will outline efficient ways of adapting existing structures, processes and controls without violating any regulations. If you wish, we can of course also assist you during audits.

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