Maverick and Philosopher

Mike’s got a talent for truly listening to you.

He asks the right and inconvenient questions at the right time. With new ways of thinking he creates connections that were previously not transparent to you.

His intuitive feeling and the balancing act between understanding and the knack of putting his finger in the wound make him your ideal companion.

Power woman with a clear view

Anke manages to grasp complex facts within a very short time and to point out correlations.

Her uncomplicated manner enables her to quickly find a way into new and critical situations and to quickly gain trust. With her intuition for people she quickly understands the potential of the counterpart and is able to quickly find solutions that transform both unpleasant and critical situations into motivation and empathy.

Belancia Guardiano da Passione

Guardian and Companion

Bella is the good soul in our company.

She has found the perfect work-life balance for herself between extensive walks, surveillance and extended naps including massage. Her presence makes it easy to create harmony and balance in the office. Bella is an unquestioning companion and protector at our side.